About Us


Your student body and staff each have a unique personality that warrants recognition before stepping upward. Our company will listen, understand and then help your novice and veteran staff to move ahead in a collaborative setting in the arena of coaching, workshops or extensive consulting.

It is a culmination of years in education as student teachers, classroom teachers, administrators, mentors, and workshop facilitators, that we created this company. Within the educational domain, we are veterans who continue to be relentlessly passionate about the teaching profession.

The PDec philosophy takes on the rhythm of each client, designing programs to instruct, support and help you grow.


Elaine Weisenthal Milech & Birdie Goodman Elaine and Birdie bring with them a combined 60 years of successful educational practice. As former administrators, teachers, mentors, and educational advisors, they have embraced the ongoing challenges of educational reform. Together they offer their expertise in curriculum design, implementation of differentiated instruction, and personalized coaching for administrators, teachers and lay leaders.

Topics covered in their workshops have included designing programs for struggling students, developing strategies for teaching mathematics including the integration of technology, creating learning and evaluation situations in English language arts and mentoring programs for new teachers.

Elaine and Birdie recently continued their own professional growth by attending numerous seminars at Harvard University, ASCD (Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development) conferences in Utah and Chicago, AALF(Anytime Anywhere Learning Foundation) conference in Boston and the Lausanne Laptop Institute in Memphis.

Their energy and passion in the field of education, coupled with extensive experience, enable them to personalize their services to meet individual needs and actively engage all participants.

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