Services for Educators


Special Needs Program

Teacher helping elementary student at the classroomPDec recognizes the diversity in today’s classroom. Toward this end we will:

  • Meet to understand your school’s population and its needs
  • Support your teachers to work with special needs students in their classrooms
  • Help develop working IEP’s
  • Create an atmosphere of “fairness for all”
  • Provide user friendly information on Learning Disabilities
  • Set up an annual schedule of conversations and criteria for each student
  • Meet with the school community, administrators, teachers, parents and students to place all participants on the same working page

We give our PDec guarantee that this model of intervention will work effectively in your school!

Mathematics & English Language Arts

Elementary school students in classroom with teacherOur extensive backgrounds, coupled with our deep rooted experience both in the classroom and as pedagogical leaders in Mathematics and English Language Arts, will definitely be an invaluable asset to your programs.

  • Assess your current status
  • Suggestions for positive change
  • Develop department goals
  • Build strategic lesson plans
  • Enhance teaching strategies
  • Address specific concerns

Most importantly, we will be available to your teachers for ongoing support!

School Wide Professional Development (PD) Plan

With the influx of sound opportunities for PD for teachers, such as conferences, workshops, speakers, and in house programs, and despite the best of intentions, initiatives are often disjointed.
PDec will assist you in:

  • Designing a focused PD plan for your school where all parts belong to a cohesive whole
  • Developing teacher leaders
  • Implementing a learning community
  • Creating a resource library for specified topics

Let PDec move your agenda forward!



Our coaches understand classroom dynamics and will provide you with:

  • Concrete solutions to classroom management issues
  • Tools to create innovative, engaging lesson plans
  • Organizational structures to tackle all the administrative demands
  • Strategies to develop rewarding relationships with students and parents
  • Someone who is there for you, not to evaluate, but to truly help you


Consultant coaching a teacherOur coaching program combines your expertise with ours to arrange in house observations and discussions for your teachers. Teachers need this personalized attention to overcome obstacles that keep them from becoming great! The optimum piece is the confidentiality that promotes risk taking steps without evaluations.

Let us design a personal program that:

  • Understands the individual needs of each teacher
  • Develops successful strategies conducive to their teaching style
  • Work on mutually identified classroom issues
  • Listens and supports

Give your teachers the gift of a PDec coach this year and watch the students reap the benefits!

New to administration?

The novice administrator is truly a contradiction of terms. Your educational experience has qualified you for administration; however, in this realm you are truly a novice. Do not feel alone because PDec is here to support you through your first 100 days!

Let us guide you through:

  • solving first time difficult situations
  • addressing the teacher evaluation process
  • developing engaging staff meetings
  • preparing professional development
  • creating diplomacy amongst staff
  • managing parent body initiatives
  • fostering a healthy school climate
  • working with lay leadership

Let PDec‘s confidential coaching service answer any of your questions!



PDec workshops begin before we even visit your school:

  • Collaborative conversations with administration
  • On-line staff pre-assessment questionnaires
  • Our expert guidance & professional plan
Group of educators listening to a lecture in a workshopAll of our WORKSHOPs:
  • Are engaging & interactive
  • Are personalized
  • Focus on relevant content
  • Lead to goals being met
  • Are turning theory into practice
  • Provide hands on tools for the classroom
  • Leave you with follow up communication


  • The Underachiever in Mathematics
  • Demystifying the LD Student