Montreal Tutoring Services

Tutoring for Students

  • Student with learning disabilities gets one-on-one tutoring

    Elementary through to High School plus CEGEP.

  • We tutor in all subjects: Mathematics, Science, Canadian History, English Language, Arts and more…
  • Experienced in finding the gaps that students have in their background which are often the main reason for lack of academic success. We will go back as far as needed.
  • Help each child overcome their individual struggles and will use a variety of teaching strategies, one on one.
  • In close contact with the schools, teachers, educational services… which makes us even more successful as we work together.

PDec helps students by:

  • Offering tips and strategies to help struggling students.
  • Executing a personalized approach.
  • Designing strategies for exam preparation.
  • Implementing organizational skills that work.
  • Creating a positive home environment for academics.
  • Tackling English language comprehension which is often a factor in all areas of study. When this is addressed, all other things fall into place.
  • Addressing the transition from elementary to high school.

PDec supports parents by:

  • Developing a home atmosphere for learning.
  • Addressing school issues such as parent teacher conferences.
  • Creating better dialogue between parents and their children.
  • Choosing the right school for  your child’s learning style.


Elementary $65/hour
High School $65/hour
CEGEP $75/hour